​​​​From an original 1996 Post/  -- PRIMEBALA CYNWYD, Pa., June 25 /PRNewswireSTAR Partners L.P., the satellite TV entertainment service, announced today it will be the presenting sponsor of the first annual FAMILY FILM AWARDS, honoring feature films and television programs that are popular with and appropriate for all members of the family. 

The Family Film Awards will air on Thursday, August 22 (2000-2200 hrs live Eastern Time, delayed Pacific Time) on the CBS Television Network. The television special will be produced by Dick Clark Productions, inc., in conjunction with the World Film Institute. The World Film Institute is a non-profit foundation established to focus on the advancement and recognition of multi-national film. Executive Producer of the Family Film Awards is Dick Clark from Dick Clark Productions, inc. Co-Executive Producer is Antonio Gellini. Producing and directing will be Gene Weed. Writing will be by Barry Adelman. Art Directors are Joe Stewart and John Shafner. Lighting Designer will be Olin Younger. Production Executive is Ron Weed. Talent Executive is Jamee Younger. Co-Producers for the World Film Institute will be Arthur Kassel and Joel Diamond. Executive in Charge is Fran La Maina. The television special will be distributed by SFM.

Special Posted Message from Antonio Gellini, [16.07.16 - 01:36]
Congratulations to a great leader and humanitarian, a beautiful woman who always cares about everyone except herself. I am very thankful to God and proud of such Angel's as Ms Lisa Pacheco Chow and the great people who are working together for this historical event and for bringing peace and love through this beautiful youngest Ambassador of the Arts, and to be a role model for other young people around the world. God bless America and God bless the County from which your family came for making America beautiful  as always. Thank you so much to all of you who make up the amazing citizens of this great country America.

An Era of Concience

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 2015  |  Los Angeles 

 CNN PRODUCER NOTE    On April 14, 2015, Antonio Gellini, founder and President of the World Film Institute, Hollywood celebrity, seasoned actor, director, and producer, was interviewed on ActorsE Chat. On the show Gellini shared his lifelong quest and vision to bring more love and peace to the world through films, and he also promoted the movement of An Era of Conscience. He thinks that the movement is very important for today’s world and urges all people to participate in the movement.

At the beginning of the show, Antonio Gellini was presented with a special “Scarf of An Era of Conscience Movement” by Pamela Chen on behalf of Dr. Hong Tao-Tze, initiator of the movement. Gellini said that he felt very honored to receive such recognition and praised Dr. Hong for leading Tai Ji Men members to visit over 60 nations on every populated continent of the world, conducting cultural exchanges to enhance mutual understanding among people of different cultures and spreading the ideas of love and peace. Gellini admires Dr. Hong’s efforts for world peace and joined him in promoting the movement of An Era of Conscience with Tai Ji Men members. By doing so, he wishes to bring more hope to the world. On ActorsE Chat, which has over 6,000,000 viewers, Gellini earnestly encouraged everyone to join the movement of An Era of Conscience and “to make life better through peace" and make our world “a better place for everyone and a noble place for our children."

At the age of 17, Gellini participated in the Berlin International Film Festival, and since then he has networked with numerous people from different parts of the world and experienced a wide array of cultures and arts. He has been in the movie industry for over 30 years, and the longer he stays in it, the stronger he feels about the importance of using films to spread the message of peace. He recalled that his father used to be the president of a university in Iran and had hoped that Antonio would grow up to be a medical doctor or lawyer, but his mother told him to follow his heart and do what he really wanted to do. Gellini found his passion and earned a PhD in cinema. He is fluent in English, Farsi, Hebrew, Italian, Afghani, Totki, and Arabic because he lived in 23 nations before settling down in Los Angeles, where he started pursuing his dream of utilizing films to spread love to the world. In 1996, Gellini and Tichi Wilkerson Kassel founded the World Film Institute to promote and honor excellence in the entertainment industry. To date, Gellini has created more than 25 film festivals across the globe, including the Family Film Awards on CBS and the Olympia Awards 2016. He believes that film producers have an important role to play to improve our world because movies can transcend the barriers of race, age, gender, and religion to touch and change hearts and foster mutual understanding and world peace.

While Gellini is an entertainment icon in Hollywood, those who meet him are touched by his friendliness and genuine sincerity. He has always placed great emphasis on family values, women’s contribution to the world, and heart-to-heart communication. That’s why the instant he met Tai Ji Men members, he was moved by the positive energy radiated from their hearts; he shared from the bottom of his heart, “I have met presidents, kings, prime ministers, but Tai Ji Men members' hearts are completely different, they have the hearts of humanitarians . One heart to touch another heart. With Dr. Hong's leadership, we will have a noble place for our children and will have peace, harmony, love, and one heart.'" 

Hollywood Celebrity and President of the World Film Institute Antonio Gellini Calls for Support of An Era of Conscience

By Rumen  |  Posted May 12, 2015  |  Los Angeles

​​​​​​​​​​The World Film Institute Then and Now... 

Olympia Awards Games of Arts and Entertainment  12 Arts of the World
...and With a Place for the Continuation of The Family Film Awards
By Ethel C. Richard

What could have happened in twenty years time to have ripened the original concept and spark of enlightenment of the world through Arts brought to America in 1995 by Dr. Antonio Gellini with which in it's fruition we can today look forward to an new era of peace and unity between nations through the the natural spread of international culturalism of the Olympia Awards Games of Arts and Entertainment ...    now known as the (12) Arts of the World)?

​Dr. Gellini from the days of his youth in foresight of the importance of Olympia (as that formerly expressed through ancient Grecian games, should be reimplimented on a global scale to honor with awards of excellence those modern day artists, through the medium of Olympic competition, (who would grace the world though their arts) and to award as well humanitarians who would seek to bring a unity among human beings of all cultures to the forefront in efforts toward world peace through universal language arts. Today, backed by the heads and dignitaries of many countries and having participation of the United Nations, Olympia Awards Games of Arts and Entertainment  12 Arts of the World are an honored category of World Olympics just as are the Sports Olympics and are an important and driving force for international  comradery and peace. 

On these pages you will find both memories from the past (which reflect Dr. Gellini's beginnings in founding The World Film Institute and his partnership with the legendary Dick Clark (Dick Clark Productions) and in the formulation of the Original and historic Family Film Awards (which aired on CBS August 22, 1996). 

Also included here (on page two of this section) are the recent 2015 Family Film Award nominees and winners which were announced by Dr. Gellini during the Cannes Film Festival. All nominees for the 20th Anniversary Family Film Awards were announced at the Press Conference on August 27th, 2015 at the Universal Hilton Hotel. Final Winners were announced at the 69th Annual Cannes Film Festival on closing day May 22nd, 2016.

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