Established in 1995, World Film Institute, has sponsored the Family Film Awards on CBS, beginning in 1996. The decision was made to expand globally and thus, The Olympia Awards were born .  We Invite all nations to sponsor the Olympia Awards, and nominate an Ambassador to represent their country, much like the United Nations.
Those ambassadors will then appoint a representative from each Art and Entertainment industry to be a point of contact. Each nations representatives will review all works of art from their country and nominate the three (3) top artist to compete in the global competition. Just a nomination will bring prestige to the artist and their country.
We believe the united support of each country and their artist, will bring an opportunity to promote peace and unity in our world. We desire to support countries that wish to expand and promote their artist and to offer scholarships to those who need help.

Each country will have three representatives of twelve arts of the world. 

1) Ambassador is responsible for the whole country to represent 12 arts of the world. 

2) Each city of the country will have a counselor to represent that city. 

3) General counselor will represent for all these cities. 

4) All the ambassador and council members are responsible raise funds, sponsorship, coordinating, meetings and working in submission of these twelve arts nominees. 

– Each country Ambassador will be responsible to create their council persons. The Ambassador has to establish his/her own work force and pay them from the proceeds of the sponsors. 

– The World Film Institute is not responsible for paying any Ambassador, councilperson or general consulate or any person of any country participating in Olympia awards. World film institute will pay those individuals who are employed by the Board of Directors. 

– The world family film institute expects each ambassador to hold one event for nominees of different categories of their country.  At this event the Ambassador will submit the final winner of their country to World film Institute.  The final nominees will be submitted by the ambassador of 12 arts of the world categories no later than Aug 2016. 

5) After the paper work is submitted the Board of Directors will signed the documents to make it official. 

Olympia Awards US Ambassador, Archer Sierra @ Dark City Media Group
11140 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD
Contact: 305-814-3577

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